Will Lea

Will Lea

Registered Physiotherapist

Will obtained his Master of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney in 2019 and previously Bachelor of Kinesiology from SFU in 2017. Working as a supervisor at a private clinic and having exposure working at multiple hospitals has given Will the necessary experience to work with a variety of patients from the general population, athletes, post-op, work injury claims, chronic pain, and car accidents. Will has a passion for helping patients regain function and tackle their daily lives head-on. He believes optimizing patient goals comes from incorporating a combination of reassurance, education, individualized exercise progression, and a mixture of hands-on manual therapy and passive modalities.

With a background in kinesiology, powerlifting, and bodybuilding, he devises tailored treatment plans that optimize exercise rehabilitation. His passion for snowboarding, breakdancing, tumbling, and acrobatics also allows him to understand injuries and movements that are at extremes of the human body. As he continues to grow at Strive, he is diversifying his knowledge to provide best practices for all patients.

Fun fact about Will is he also speaks Mandarin.

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