Ali Afshar

Ali Afshar


Growing up Ali participated in a variety of sports including competitive soccer, squash, rafting, and volleyball. He was also a personal trainer and kinesiologist for 3 years during his undergraduate studies at UBC. He has worked with a variety of clients from professional athletes to older individuals recovering from neurological conditions. Ali also worked for 2 years as a student trainer and student physio with UNBC men's and women’s soccer teams. Through these athletic endeavors and his own personal injury experience, Ali has appreciated the value of proper injury prevention and rehabilitation, which led him to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Ali completed a Bachelor of Kinesiology and his Master of Physical Therapy at UBC. Since graduating, Ali has completed Level 1 courses with the Canadian Division of Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy and Level 1 course for Non-Surgical management of ACL injuries by the Global physiotherapy clinic in Australia.

Ali enjoys working with clients of all ages and abilities, integrating soft tissue and manual therapy techniques with therapeutic exercise and education to help clients with their rehabilitation journey and help them to reach their individual goals.

In his spare time, Ali enjoys recreational sports such as soccer and squash, weightlifting, Biking, camping, hiking, and traveling.

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