Active Rehabilitation

Active rehabilitation is a form of treatment that involves movement and exercise therapy designed to help heal weak and injured tissue. The overall goal of Active Rehab is to increase strength, endurance, and functional ability letting you return work, sports, and to a pain-free life. At Strive Health and Performance you will spend one on one time with our Registered Kinesiologist working on a rehab program designed just for you, setting meaningful goals, and working towards them in a step-by-step progression.

Active Rehab is especially helpful for those who are suffering after a motor vehicle or work-related accident. When related to ICBC or WCB/WSBC claims the cost of Active Rehab is usually covered by your claim.

If you want more information on Active Rehabilitation, how its billed, or to book an appointment please give us a call at (778) 355-3050.

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